goal buddy |BEYOND|

It has been almost 9 years since I have been to a BarCamp in Salzburg to talk about the goal buddy concept and even though my promotional pitch didn’t yield any results whatsoever, not a sausage, the idea is still alive and kicking – at least in my stubborn head.

Instead of dumping the idea for good, I kept it on the back burner for several years. Last year, I put some additional effort into the goal buddy concept by setting up a website (www.goal-buddy.at) and by making a video (click above).

To my mind, the video is hilarious and informative but I’m possibly suffering from a Troubadix delusion. Troubadix is the bard and singer in the famous comic Astérix. He is, unlike everyone else, very fond of his musical talent. Performing his music is of the utmost importance to him. Unfortunately, as the music by Troubadix is just nix (=Austrian slang for nothing), he has to be tied up and gagged in case of a musical event.

The goal buddy concept is all about being genuinely interested in your buddies’ efforts to reach their goal. It is vital to focus on action. Having a goal buddy to help you pursue your goals and your dreams can be as effective as hiring a coach. Bonding with a goal buddy can help to conquer procrastination and to get you onto the success and happiness track.

Ideally your goals are SMART, that is,






Choose your goal buddy or goal buddies and get in touch. Inform them about a personal goal of yours and be curious about their’s. Start with fitness goals if you like. Fitnesschallenges are a smashing application of the goal buddy concept. Find yourself a challenge and share it with your gang. Exploit buddy, friends, gang, family – you name it, any kind of social power because without it most people end up running on empty. Mind you, don’t forget about your fellowmen and pay some attention, give them feedback, take your time to encourage them.

Alternatively, apply some sensitive criticism, e.g. if you don’t approve of the goal buddy concept because you think it’s just for loners and losers try: “Stephan, your goal buddy concept totally sucks and your video is pathetic. It’s not funny at all. With this poor performance you’ve qualified for a Troubadix treat: You need to be tied up and gagged BEFORE you are making your next video.”

I’d highly appreciate a comment like that – for insulting someone skilfully is really rare in these times where ghosting has literally become a zeitgeist phenomenon.

Unlike those best-selling Neuro Socks (a definite must-have:-) the goal buddy concept is not the one and only solution to every single problem people are facing and yet it could be your break – your critical key to success.

Having more than just one goal buddy can further pave your way to success and accomplishment. By joining a club (equally so by working on a project together) that engages your interests and passions several goal buddies become available. By joining or by founding a club you might take your game (of life) to the next level. If you don’t know exactly what kind of club or gang you’d like to found don’t worry and relax: Focus first on getting the right people on board. With that accomplished, you can unlock both your personal and your team’s full potential.