It took me a while before I could tackle this feisty and ferocious animal: an endemic creature which is up to mischief in German-speaking countries. Beware of this grim and grumpy hybrid – a nasty mixture of dog and pig! I dare you to take a close look at it. Can you manage to size this animal up with a long hard stare – without getting scared?

There are plenty of people who have been sizing this animal up for quite some time – (me included) – doing a thorough analysis of the situation. There’s an IT-specific term for that – analysis paralysis. People suffering from analysis paralysis might look like a couch potato, but they are inactive for a good reason: They are sizing up the “Schweinehund” with a long hard stare.

IT Crowd: Episode 1 |interview|

The “Schweinehund” is domesticated in German-speaking countries. As everyone is carrying one of these “cuties” inside it’s most common to name it “innerer Schweinehund”. The “Schweinehund”, as a curse for insulting people in the form of “Du Schweinehund!”, is more and more outdated – at least according to my humble linguistic hunch. For sure, when consulting LEO or you still find (mis)translations of the “Schweinehund” like skunk, swine or ratfink.

My inner voice, which is sometimes conspiring (or maybe consulting 🙂 with the “Schweinehund”, is just telling me not to weasel out of providing a proper definition of this strange and intriguing animal. So here we go:

The “(innerer) Schweinehund”, a hybrid creature made of dog and pig, is the manifestation of your fears and your inertia.


Listen to this very personal pet of yours as it can provide you with useful information but do not always take it seriously. Have a good time together and frolic! Try seeing your “Schweinehund” as a pleasant and likeable companion and never forget that you are the leader. Make sure it feeds properly – a balanced diet with a focus on positive experiences is to be recommended. Walk it skilfully and relax together on a couch or wherever you like. Don’t stare at it for too long and go for fun and frolics not for fright!